Hide Candle(Joy)Stick

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Hide Candle(Joy)Stick

Postby girivs » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:47 am

Good Morning! I am looking for using JFreeChart in one of our Forex related Java solution. I need to be drawing a chart with Time on X-Axis and Currency (GBP/Euro) on Y axis with random generation of Y values which can be handled. But, I do not want plotting should always have Candle(Joy)Stick starting from bottom (X axis). Instead plotting should be dynamic without Candle(Joy)Stick.
My question is how do I "Hide Candle(Joy)Stick" and chart should look like streaming? (Hope this makes sense...) and I appreciate if someone can quickly guide as we are working on timebound project and I am new to JFreeChart.
Thanks a lot iin advance.
Giri V
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