Charts distorted

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Charts distorted

Post by rvedhamurthy » Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:09 am

Hi, am trying to display multiple charts on a single web page. connecting oracle from Jsp, i get the data and with that data, i'm trying to create a timeseries chart. Using createBufferedImage, am trying to create a buffered image and i set that image in the session. And i call a servlet (as below) which will get the session info and print a image.
<img src="/DisplayChart?id=1></img>

I'm getting the desired output when, i run this jsp.

But, in another jsp, if i use 3 iframes and call the above jsp to display 3 different charts, i'm getting the chart info distorted. The data of the charts getting displayed are scrambled.

Kindly help with this.

I tried to remove the session saving and retrieving part and storing it physically. But, still, when called inside iframe, the chart data gets scrambled. so, the issue is not with saving it in the session.

Kindly help me..