RenderingHint in drawRangeLine() but notin drawRangeMarker()

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RenderingHint in drawRangeLine() but notin drawRangeMarker()

Postby olbrich » Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:04 pm

Hi David,

it seems to me that using RenderingHint in AbstractCategoryItemRenderer.drawRangeLine() causes my problem.
A RangeMarker at y=0.0 and BasicStroke(0.5) and a GridLine at y=0.0 and BasicStroke(0.5) do not hide each other in all zoom status.

So if zoom scrolling, sometimes both appear.

Thats a difficult to handle aspect, as all coodinates in double are identcal.

I would suggest that optimization should be centralized.

Am i right. Overriding in all my renderers and comment out the usage of RenderingHint solves it.
But i would prefer a kind of bug fix.

best regards
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