RangeMarker: text in SVG not displayed (FOP/Batik)

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RangeMarker: text in SVG not displayed (FOP/Batik)

Post by mhilpert » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:30 pm

I wondered why my simple JFreeChart test worked and the final result in our application doesn't show the marker texts. I hunted it down to the point, where the generated SVG from JFreeChart still has the marker texts but the chart in the final PDF document hasn't. The PDF is generated via FOP (that uses interally Batik to include SVGs). The SVG source code is:

Code: Select all

<g style="fill:gray; text-rendering:geometricPrecision; font-size:8px; shape-rendering:crispEdges; font-family:'Frutiger LT 45 Light'; stroke:gray;"
    ><line x1="39" x2="41" y1="22.0211" style="fill:none; clip-path:url(#clipPath1);" y2="22.0211"
      /><line x1="44" x2="672" y1="149.3404" style="clip-path:url(#clipPath2); fill:none; opacity:0.8; stroke:red; stroke-width:0.5;" y2="149.3404"
      /><text x="47" y="144.0177" style="clip-path:url(#clipPath2); fill:red; opacity:0.8; stroke:none; stroke-width:0.5;" xml:space="preserve"
      ><line x1="44" x2="672" y1="98.4127" style="clip-path:url(#clipPath2); fill:none; opacity:0.8; stroke:yellow; stroke-width:0.5;" y2="98.4127"
      /><text x="47" y="93.0899" style="clip-path:url(#clipPath2); fill:yellow; opacity:0.8; stroke:none; stroke-width:0.5;" xml:space="preserve"
      ><line x1="44" x2="672" y1="47.485" style="clip-path:url(#clipPath2); fill:none; opacity:0.8; stroke:green; stroke-width:0.5;" y2="47.485"
      /><text x="47" y="42.1622" style="clip-path:url(#clipPath2); fill:green; opacity:0.8; stroke:none; stroke-width:0.5;" xml:space="preserve"
I wonder, why "stroke:none" is set - is this the problem? But why does firefox display the text when the SVG is opened with it?
using JFreeChart 1.0.15 with JDK 1.7.0_25

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