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customize Category label of bar chart

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Beginner's Tips for Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a fun, simple game that does not require as much skill as some other sports. You can play it indoors with all weather conditions and with minimal equipment and sports equipment. You do not have to be extremely fast or have the ability to run for hours doing it, you just have good health and good reflexes of hands and eyes. These factors create the special appeal of table tennis, and that is one of the many reasons why so many gyms in people's homes always have a ping pong table or billiard table.

When playing ping pong head you need to have a ping pong table, net, a ball, and two paddles. Stage. To keep a score, a laptop and a pen, you do not need a scorecard or anything. In addition to the basic necessities, there is nothing else for you to invest initially.

The second thing to think about is clothing - almost everything will do as long as you can move freely in it. Most people wear simple sports shoes, shorts and T-shirts. Running pants. Unlike many sports like basketball and jogging, the shoe is designed to have high impact with special soles and other favorite features, you just need comfortable shoes. No special materials needed, no need to expand tear resistance and tear the ultra-high-tech tools needed. Pick anything out of your closet and you're done! To have the best ping pong table, let's check out ... or-newbie/


Now we get the basic physical requirements. As long as you run a little bit over time and can go up and down some of the flight of stairs without being blown down to a wheezing bag of blubber, you'll be fine. The average person can quickly enter the table. The most important physical factors for table tennis are quick reflexes, agile and well-balanced wrists. Of course, if you have two left leg, that's another story ... If not, if your balance and reflexes are good then you will.

The main reason for reflexes is obvious - the basic goal of ping pong is to intercept a small ball continuously between you and your opponent until one of you is embarrassed and misses the shot. Poor reflexes mean you will probably miss a shot. The need for fast wrists is because the majority of the polishing action in table tennis is driven by the angle of the paddle - that is, of course, adjusted by your wrist. For balance factors, you will need to be moderately fast on your feet to jump from one side of the table to another table tennis. This does not really require any running around, just minor modifications to your stance and change your body weight to make you learn more than one side or the other.

In addition to physical requirements, there is a simple mental requirement for table tennis - stay calm and become a planner. Like a good fencing game, ping pong requires a quick mind to go with fast reflexes. It is not enough to be able to block all the shots your opponents make; You must be able to plan the corners you send the ball back to, and plan one or two steps before each time to know where your opponent's shot will be heading. This psychological factor is really why some slower reflexes can actually beat the better players - they can send a shot to a certain angle, forcing their opponent into an Any physical position, then when the ball comes back, goes back to a point where their opponent can not arrive on time because they have no ability to counterattack.

This is all you need to start playing table tennis. Simple equipment, simple clothes, and agile reflexes and intelligence. Everything else after you practice and gain more experience. Above all, just relax and have fun! Useful advises about choosing the best ping pong paddle can be found at: ... ong-table/

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