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Post by veloopity » Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:37 am

I am porting a Coldfusion app to Lucee. Part of the application is a simple line chart that was done with CFChart. I was told that Lucee uses JFreeChart as its graphics engine.

The produced charts look similar to the Coldfusion charts but one feature does not work out of the box - is it possible to do that with JFreeChart in Lucee?:

The line charts can have hundreds of values on the x axis. Labels need to be displayed for the x axis but if ALL of them are displayed, the result is undecipherable :) In the old graphics engine, I could specify that only, say, one out of 30 x axis labels should be displayed (<groupStyle skipLabels="29">). Is this possible with JFreeChart?


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