Displaying large dataset

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Displaying large dataset

Post by Levente » Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:38 pm

Hello gurus,

I am new to JFreeChart and would appreciate if somebody guided/helped me regarding what is the best approach to solve the following problem:

I have a database with tick data (trade prices with millisecond timestamps), containing millions of entries spanning over multiple months/years. I would like to display this data in a chart. Creating a dataset with all that data in memory is not really feasible, as there is just too much data.

So, is there a way to populate the dataset on demand as the user is scrolling through the chart? When the chart is not zoomed, I am thinking of only displaying one day's worth of data in the chart (maybe even that is too much). Then, when the user scrolls to the left or to the right, I could load additional data from the DB.

This is like a virtual table in some GUI frameworks, where the user only has to provide data for the part that is displayed on the screen, and only when the user scrolls, will the GUI framework ask for more data.

Is there support for something like this in JFreeChart? If yes, what are the classes to use?
If no, did anybody implement already something like this? Could anybody share some ideas/code?
Or what is the best approach to display such a huge dataset?


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