Jasper Report Chart manipulate labelExpression

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Jasper Report Chart manipulate labelExpression

Post by parthbhagat » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:46 pm

I am using Jasper Report 4.5 to generate chart and for chart customization using ChartCustomizer.

How can I access bar chart label expression? I have tried ChartCustomizer, we can access label via SeriesItemLabelGenerator. But when this generator executes, it does not have formula we have set on jrxml file for <labelExpression> field e.g. [barValue$ColorCode$]. I found that <labelExpression> are been executed in CategoryLabelGenerator class, which is JasperReport class.

What I want to achieve is I am passing color code from dataset along with bar value with format [barValue$ColorCode$]. I want to pick $ColorCode$ and get that value and then change label value to [barValue]. ColorCode will be used to assign bar color from ChartCustomizer. But thing is when I access labelExpression from StandardCategoryItemLabelGenerator or AbstractCategoryItemLabelGenerator then it does returns [barValue] from generateLabelString() and generateLabel() method.

Only intention is to use ColorCode passed from dataset. If we only pass ColorCode instead of [barValue$ColorCode$], then only report shows [barValue] only. I think that we can customize CategoryLabelGenerator class then it would solve my problem. But I don't know how can we customize CategoryLabelGenerator.

Any input/help achieving this goal is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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