Time based data, but not really a TimeSeries

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Time based data, but not really a TimeSeries

Post by tobermory » Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:07 pm

I am trying to find the correct JFreeChart classes to plot my data. I have been through the demo, to no avail. My data is thus:

In the time period T1 - T2, some quantity had a max value, a min value and a mean value. I don't have 'the values', only those 3 data points.

And there are many such Ti - Tj -> (min,max,mean) data points like this. The time periods (intervals?) need not fill up the entire timeline, there could be gaps.

I don't see how I can plot this a 'time series' since doesn't that associate a Y value (min, max, mean, etc) with a fixed POINT in time??? I guess I could 'collapse' my time intervals into time points, e.g. by taking the mid-point, but I am then discarding information ??

I have seen there is XYIntervalDataset but I want the X axis to be time-oriented.

Any help appreciated.

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