How to create easy chart?

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How to create easy chart?

Post by Michal » Sun Aug 13, 2000 11:39 pm


I want to create easy chart.
I don't know how to solve a problem.
I have 2 constructors:


To create an object of class JFreeChart, I have to create
Plot object before, but to create Plot object I need JFreeChart object.

David Gilbert

RE: How to create easy chart?

Post by David Gilbert » Mon Aug 14, 2000 7:34 am

Hi Michal,

Use null for the first parameter in the Plot(...) constructor. For the next version I have removed the JFreeChart parameter because it isn't really necessary in the constructor, and causes confusion as you have pointed out. Sorry about that...

From memory, the Axis classes expect a Plot in the constructor too - same problem, same solution.

Thanks for the feedback,


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