GanttChart but how

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GanttChart but how

Post by praenti » Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:26 pm


I want to render a GanttChart for car projects with attached workers, but need your help, because my gantt chart is looking very confusing. It should look like this:
-- some space --
-- to be continued --

Therefor I defined a Taskseries for every row with multiple tasks. The first problem I already solved is, that only the last task was rendered. Now I defined them as subtasks and this is working fine.

But two problems I cannot solve are the spaces between the worker rows and the car project row. You must know that the workers are logically grouped to a carproject.
A second problem is that the worker row of the 2nd carproject is rendered before the carproject itself, even the order is correct in the dataset. Btw. is it possible that I can group the worker Taskseries to a specific carproject? I haven't find a method to do that. Also I don't understand why the order of the dataset is ignored and the worker is rendered before the carproject.

Did anyone used the GanttChart and can give me an example how I do that correctly?

Thank you,

P.S.: I've put my original and the rendering result on my website under these URLs, because I've seen that the forum cuts out my spaces in the ASCII-Graph:

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