Scatter Plots?

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Balu Masti

Scatter Plots?

Post by Balu Masti » Wed Aug 30, 2000 1:38 am

Hi folks,

I forgot to add this in my previous message.

How do you just plot series of points (not connected by
lines) using the JFreeChart classes? The XYPlot connects
all the points with lines. Is there any way to not do this,
but just leave the points as such?


David Gilbert

RE: Scatter Plots?

Post by David Gilbert » Thu Sep 07, 2000 3:50 am

Hi Balu,

JFreeChart doesn't do this at present, but it would be pretty straightforward to modify the draw() method in XYPlot to do what you want.

To differentiate between series, I guess you would need different shaped "dots" to be plotted for each series (probably circles, squares, triangles, crosses etc). I'll have a think about a general way to implement this - if you have any suggestions, let me know. I think a scatter plot would be a useful addition to JFreeChart.



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