Supporting several plot on the same chart...

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David Li

Supporting several plot on the same chart...

Post by David Li » Sat Sep 30, 2000 8:52 am


I am using JFreeChart to draw Stock chart. A problem I am facing is that I need to plot several differnt chart on the same graph. For example, I need to add KLine chart (a technical analysis chart used in Asian market) along with price chart on the same image.

KLine chart is similar to bar chart drawing the day's highest and lowest as a bar over the price chart.

I am extending the JFreeChart to provide different plot for different

I though I drop you a note about such change I am working on and see if this would be some fetures worth integrating into the next version of JFreeChart. My current implementation is likely to be a hack and will spend time to generalize it to fit into overall JFreeChart architecture if that's something you want to integrate back to JFreeChart.

David Li

David Gilbert

RE: Supporting several plot on the same chart...

Post by David Gilbert » Mon Oct 09, 2000 2:45 pm

Hi David,

I'm thinking about the best way to add support for price-volume charts (a line plot for the prices, and a bar plot for the daily/weekly/monthly volumes). This will require support for two separate vertical axes (I'll call them the primary axis and the secondary axis) and the ability to overlay multiple plots on a single chart. I think this has some similarities with what you are trying to do (although they are not the same thing), so I'd like to find out more about your requirements. Perhaps you could send me a screen image of one of your charts?

Another developer is working on a framework for adding "annotations" to a chart. It's possible that this framework might also work for what you are trying to do, but I'll have to wait and see what the implementation is like.



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