Fix the size of the JFreeChart by default when it is plot

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Divya Shrungar
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Fix the size of the JFreeChart by default when it is plot

Post by Divya Shrungar » Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:39 am

I have an internal pane inside a desktop pane, and I have a chart panel inside the JInertnalFrame. When I run the application, I am getting plot in not like I want, I am able to plot the graph but I have to resize that using mouse. I want to plot the graph and the plot should be according to the chartpanel.How to do that? I am reading the data to plot from a text file.

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public JInternalFrame OpenOption(JFileChooser path) throws FileNotFoundException
        String p=path.toString();
        File f=path.getSelectedFile();

        JInternalFrame iFrame=new JInternalFrame(f.getAbsolutePath(),true,true,true,true);
         iFrame.setSize(900, 500);

         Scanner scan=new Scanner(path.getSelectedFile()).useDelimiter("\\s*(=>|,|;|\\s)\\s*");
         XYSeries series = new XYSeries(path.getSelectedFile());
            while (scan.useDelimiter("\\s*(=>|,|;|\\s)\\s*").hasNextDouble()) 

            XYDataset xyDataset = new XYSeriesCollection(series);

            JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createXYLineChart
                    ("","Wave number cm"+'\u2212'+'\u00B9',"Intensity",
                     xyDataset, PlotOrientation.VERTICAL, false, true, false);

             chart.getPlot().setBackgroundPaint( Color.WHITE);
             XYPlot plot = (XYPlot) chart.getPlot();
                plot.setDomainGridlinePaint(new Color(0xC0,0xC0,0xC0));
                plot.setRangeGridlinePaint(new Color(0xC0,0xC0,0xC0));

                //XYLineAndShapeRenderer renderer = new XYLineAndShapeRenderer();
                plot.getDomainAxis().setRange(plot.getDomainAxis().getRange().getLowerBound() - 0.10,
                           plot.getDomainAxis().getRange().getUpperBound() + 0.10);

             //JPanel chartPanel = new ChartPanel(chart);
             ChartPanel chartPan = new ChartPanel(chart);
             //chartPanel.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(500, 270));
             chartPan.setMinimumDrawWidth( 0 );
             chartPan.setMinimumDrawHeight( 0 );
             chartPan.setMaximumDrawWidth( 1920 );
             chartPan.setMaximumDrawHeight( 1200 );

             return iFrame;


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Re: Fix the size of the JFreeChart by default when it is plot

Post by Alesasa » Tue May 15, 2018 9:08 pm

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