Problem in generating bar chart

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Problem in generating bar chart

Postby Joseph » Fri Feb 25, 2005 1:36 pm


I m facing a error while calling method ChartFactory.createVerticalBarChart(String, String, String, Dataset, boolean) using jfreechart-0.8.1.jar and jcommon-0.7.0.jar. I m using jdk1.2 and server as JRun. The following error is displayed

(Running servlet) java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: com.jrefinery.ui.about.ProjectInfo: field logo not found
at com.jrefinery.chart.JFreeChartInfo.<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.jrefinery.chart.JFreeChart.<clinit>(Unknown Source)
at com.jrefinery.chart.ChartFactory.createVerticalBarChart(Unknown Source)
at com.cognizant.wms.timesheet.StatusreportBean.statusReport(, Compiled Code)
at com.cognizant.wms.timesheet.ReportServlet.doGet(, Compiled Code)
at com.cognizant.wms.timesheet.ReportServlet.doPost(
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
at com.livesoftware.jrun.JRun.runServlet(, Compiled Code)
at com.livesoftware.jrun.JRunGeneric.handleConnection(, Compiled Code)
at com.livesoftware.jrun.JRunGeneric.handleProxyConnection(, Compiled Code)
at com.livesoftware.jrun.service.proxy.JRunProxyServiceHandler.handleRequest(, Compiled Code)
at, Compiled Code)

Plz help this out.


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