Welcome to FXGraphics2D!

FXGraphics2D is an implementation of Java2D's Graphics2D API that targets a JavaFX canvas. It has been built for use with Orson Charts and JFreeChart, but will be generally useful for any code that uses the Graphics2D API.

FXGraphics2D is licensed using a (three clause) BSD-style license.

Latest News

5 July 2018

FXGraphics2D 1.7 is now available, this is bug fix release.

5 November 2017

FXGraphics2D 1.6 is now available, and now supports JDK9.

15 October 2016

FXGraphics2D 1.5 is now available to download. This release provides an option to measure text using JavaFX-specific APIs.

27 April 2016

FXGraphics2D 1.4 is now available to download. This release contains bug fixes driven by user feedback.

28 January 2016

FXGraphics2D 1.3 is now available to download. This release fixes a bug in drawImage() and fixes some Maven issues.

23 January 2016

FXGraphics2D 1.2 is now available to download. This release implements getGraphicsDevice(), supports dashed lines, includes various performance improvements, fixes a drawImage() bug and includes updated demos.

30 July 2014

FXGraphics2D 1.1 is now available to download. This release fixes clipping issues for combined plots in JFreeChart, adds KEY_STROKE_CONTROL hinting, adjusts the font render context for improved glyph positioning, adds clearRect() calls to the demos and includes Maven build support.

19 May 2014

FXGraphics2D 1.0 is now available to download. This is the first public release of FXGraphics2D.

Project Page

The FXGraphics2D source code is hosted on the FXGraphics2D project page at GitHub.


The FXGraphics2D discussion forum is the place to ask questions, request new features, report bugs and make any comments about the FXGraphics2D library.



FXGraphics2D requires JDK/JRE 1.8.0_40 or later. There are no other dependencies.