This page lists all JCommon downloads, which are available from SourceForge. In case you have trouble accessing SourceForge's download servers, our local mirror holds a copy of all released files.

JCommon Downloads


File Size Date
jcommon-1.0.8.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1121431 bytes 2006-Dec-11 (Mirror, MD5) 1570758 bytes 2006-Dec-11
jcommon-1.0.7.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1121360 bytes 2006-Dec-03 (Mirror, MD5) 1570718 bytes 2006-Dec-03
jcommon-1.0.6.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1115844 bytes 2006-Sep-26 (Mirror, MD5) 1565280 bytes 2006-Sep-26
jcommon-1.0.5.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1112841 bytes 2006-Jun-29 (Mirror, MD5) 1562639 bytes 2006-Jun-29
jcommon-1.0.4.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1110468 bytes 2006-Apr-30 (Mirror, MD5) 1559549 bytes 2006-Apr-30
jcommon-1.0.3.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1110331 bytes 2006-Apr-17 (Mirror, MD5) 1559386 bytes 2006-Apr-17
jcommon-1.0.2.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1108316 bytes 2006-Mar-23 (Mirror, MD5) 1556615 bytes 2006-Mar-23
jcommon-1.0.12.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1118697 bytes 2007-Nov-02 (Mirror, MD5) 1570164 bytes 2007-Nov-02
jcommon-1.0.11.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1115030 bytes 2007-Oct-19 (Mirror, MD5) 1565467 bytes 2007-Oct-19
jcommon-1.0.10.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1123948 bytes 2007-May-21 (Mirror, MD5) 1573723 bytes 2007-May-21
jcommon-1.0.1.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1102663 bytes 2006-Feb-10 (Mirror, MD5) 1550587 bytes 2006-Feb-10
jcommon-1.0.0.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1090056 bytes 2005-Nov-14 (Mirror, MD5) 1536578 bytes 2005-Nov-14
jcommon-0.9.7.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 820330 bytes 2004-Oct-13 (Mirror, MD5) 1258373 bytes 2004-Oct-13
jcommon-0.9.6.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 806362 bytes 2004-Sep-10 (Mirror, MD5) 1235827 bytes 2004-Sep-10
jcommon-0.9.5.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 766127 bytes 2004-Aug-27 (Mirror, MD5) 1161566 bytes 2004-Aug-27
jcommon-0.9.4.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 797511 bytes 2004-Jun-01 (Mirror, MD5) 1159179 bytes 2004-Jun-01 (Mirror, MD5) 1463923 bytes 2004-Apr-19
jcommon-0.9.2.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 781805 bytes 2004-Mar-26 (Mirror, MD5) 1140808 bytes 2004-Mar-26
jcommon-0.9.1.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 631493 bytes 2004-Jan-09 (Mirror, MD5) 968389 bytes 2004-Jan-09
jcommon-0.9.0.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 579257 bytes 2003-Nov-28 (Mirror, MD5) 868768 bytes 2003-Nov-28
jcommon-0.8.8.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 451273 bytes 2003-Sep-26
jcommon-0.8.6.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 425263 bytes 2003-Aug-08
jcommon-0.8.3.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 383636 bytes 2003-Jun-20
jcommon-0.8.2a.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 378998 bytes 2003-Jun-04
jcommon-0.8.1.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 375723 bytes 2003-May-26
jcommon-0.7.3.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 308625 bytes 2003-Apr-17 (Mirror, MD5) 20480 bytes 2005-May-04
jcommon-0.7.2.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 306100 bytes 2003-Apr-14 (Mirror, MD5) 400345 bytes 2003-Apr-14
jcommon-0.7.0.pdf (Mirror, MD5) 309636 bytes 2003-Apr-29


File Size Date (Mirror, MD5) 1161733 bytes 2004-May-17 (Mirror, MD5) 1159958 bytes 2004-Apr-30


File Size Date
jcommon-1.0.0-rc1.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1015633 bytes 2005-Jun-01 (Mirror, MD5) 1451760 bytes 2005-Jun-01
jcommon-1.0.0-pre3.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1011123 bytes 2005-Apr-15 (Mirror, MD5) 1450579 bytes 2005-Apr-15
jcommon-1.0.0-pre2.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 1009725 bytes 2005-Mar-04 (Mirror, MD5) 1449441 bytes 2005-Mar-04
jcommon-1.0.0-pre1.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 994117 bytes 2004-Nov-30 (Mirror, MD5) 1440158 bytes 2004-Nov-30


File Size Date
jcommon-logging-1.0.2.tar.gz (Mirror, MD5) 29619 bytes 2006-Mar-23 (Mirror, MD5) 45938 bytes 2006-Mar-23