Google Summer of Code: Project Ideas

This year (2007 I think it was) is applying to be a mentor organisation for Google's Summer of Code program. Here we list some projects that could be undertaken by a student within the time frame of the program. The mentor for all tasks will be David Gilbert.

Student Applications

If our mentoring application is accepted, then students can apply to Google between March 14 and March 24 to undertake any of these tasks.

UPDATE: unfortunately, our application was not accepted.

1. Map Visualizations

Charts showing values that relate to geographical areas. Some examples include: (a) population density in each state of the United States, (b) income per capita for each country in Europe, (c) life expectancy in each country of the world. The tasks in this project include:

2. Time Series Chart Interactivity

Implement a new (to JFreeChart) feature for interactive time series charts --- to display a separate control that shows a small version of ALL the time series data, with a sliding "view" rectangle that allows you to select the subset of the time series data to display in the main chart.

3. Dashboards

There is currently a lot of interest in dashboard displays. Create a flexible dashboard mechanism that supports a subset of JFreeChart chart types (dials, pies, thermometers, bars, and lines/time series) that can be delivered easily via both Java Web Start and an applet.

4. Property Editors

The property editor mechanism in JFreeChart only handles a small subset of the properties that can be set for charts. Extend (or reimplement) this mechanism to provide greater end-user control over the appearance of the charts.

Other Suggestions

If you'd like to suggest another project for this list, please send an e-mail to