Issue with using monday through friday SegmentedTimeline.

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Issue with using monday through friday SegmentedTimeline.

Post by amarnath578 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:46 pm

I am using a segmented timeline created by SegmentedTimeline.newMondayThroughFridayTimeline() for my date axis. This is hiding Saturday/Sunday from date axis as expected. However, whenever there is data for saturday/sunday time frame, the data is being appended to Monday's data which is incorrect.

For example: Here are the closing prices of a stock from Monday to Sunday (assuming that this stock trades 7 days a week) M-100, T-101, W-102, T-103, F-104, S-105, S-106. When the above specified segmented time line is used, Saturday/Sunday as being excluded from domain axis as expected. However, Saturday/Sunday candles are appended to Monday's data. As a result, I see 3 candles for Monday which is not correct.

Is there a way to prevent weekend's data from appending to Monday?

Looking forward to hear from you.