Chart stops scrolling after panning

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Chart stops scrolling after panning

Post by CaymanBeach » Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:06 pm

I have a time series chart that uses a custom (FiveMinute) RegularTimePeriod. It updates / scrolls as expected after it starts, and as Y values change, the Range axis also scales as expected. However, after I enabled panning, if the chart is panned (through time periods, and/or values), scrolling no longer happens, nor, as a consequence, does Y axis auto scaling. I have (somewhat arbitrarily) set the MaximumItemCount for the chart to 120 periods; will run fine for well over 24 hours and behave as expected, but as soon as I pan to a period that is still in the dataset, but not visible, auto updating stops working. I can pan back to the current period, and make the current values visible, but then as soon as a value either exceeds the then current Y max or min, or lies outside the then-current visible period (to the right of the plot), no more auto updating.

I thought it might be that notifications were being turned off during panning (which does seem to be the case), but they are also turned back on.

I have drilled down a few levels in a debugger and found nothing obvious; and in any case that is not a particularly efficient way to figure out what is going on.

Any suggestions about either (a) something I may have neglected to set, beyond simply making the domain and range axes pannable, or (b) suggestions as to what to look at in debugger, beyond the listener methods, would be appreciated.


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