JFreeChart 1.5.2

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JFreeChart 1.5.2

Post by david.gilbert » Thu Dec 31, 2020 6:14 pm

JFreeChart 1.5.2 is now available to download:


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Version 1.5.2 (31 December 2020)

- observe series visibility flag in ClusteredXYBarRenderer (#89);
- apply rendering hints to overlays (#187);
- don't draw disabled outlines on crosshair labels (#189);
- observe axis visibility flag in PeriodAxis (#198);
- ensure label offsets are used in CrosshairOverlay (#190);
- remove alpha channel from copy-to-clipboard (#182);
- set flag in XML parser to avoid XML eXternal Entity injection (XXE) (#130);
- update French translations (#186);
- fix "Save_as" entries in localisation files (#184);
- add flags for visibility of outliers in BoxAndWhiskerRenderer (#79);
- deprecated PiePlot3D and related methods, for 3D pie charts, use Orson Charts (https://github.com/jfree/orson-charts).
Happy New Year to all!
David Gilbert
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