Can I change the shape to ImageIcon?

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Can I change the shape to ImageIcon?

Post by kevinlech » Fri Oct 09, 2020 10:57 am

Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 vs. NV352: Which Is Better?

It’s quite easy to mistake the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum with the NV352. After all, they have the same outward design with the only notable differences between them being the name and the color.

But, as you might have already expected, these two vacuums are two totally different vacuums. In this article, we’ll show you exactly what these two vacuums are made of. See for yourself which one to choose as your next upright vacuum cleaner!

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Performance Power
Both of the vacuums perform excellently on bare floor types such as hardwood and vinyl. This is all thanks to the Shark’s digital motor they both have as well as the company’s robust cyclone array. They improve suction power drastically and make both the Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 as well as NV352 easy to clean with.

However, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 has better performance on thick carpets and rugs due to having a stronger motorized brush roll. If your house is carpeted, the NV360 is the one to go for.


Design-wise, both the NV360 and the NV352 have roughly the same basic aesthetic design. The only visible difference between them is that the NV352 has a lilac-colored body, while the NV360 has a blue shell. Both vacuums use a 25 feet power cord to fuel the motor.

But while the NV360 has a 1.2 dry quart (1.32 liter) dust cup, the NV352 can only hold 1.1 dry quart (1.2 liter). While the disparity may not be big, the more, the merrier, right? If you have a large space to clean, a Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Image will obviously be the better choice.
They are equally easy to maneuver with the swivel steering. However, in our tests, the NV360 feels more maneuverable when we steer it around tight corners and furniture. It feels markedly smoother than the NV352.

Both vacuums are equipped with a detachable “Lift-Away” canister. The canister can give you the extra flexibility and mobility needed to clean out tough-to-reach spaces such as the ceiling or countertops. They are just as easy to detach and use as the other, so you’re going to be fine picking any of the vacuum if Lift-Away is what you sought most.

The NV360 and NV352 both benefit significantly in this department due to the HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) they got as well as the 

Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology.
For the uninitiated, HEPA is the top filtering standard available commercially today. They can eliminate anything from microscopic dust all the way to airborne bacteria and viruses. If you or anyone in your family suffer from allergies, a HEPA filter is going to help improve quality of life significantly.

The Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology, meanwhile, makes the vacuum’s body completely airtight. None of the tiny, dirty particles from inside the dust cup can escape confinement through the seams and cracks on the vacuum body. As a result, the vacuum can keep your home from being contaminated.



The NV352 has four accessories in the box: a wide upholstery tool, a dusting brush, 24-inch crevice tool, and a 5.5-inch crevice tool. On the other hand, the Shark Navigator Lift Away NV360 has a pet power brush, dusting brush, and a 5.5-inch crevice tool. Since the NV360’s got a pet power brush, it would also benefit pet owners rather than just the average consumer alone.
For this reason, the NV360 is the clear winner also in the accessories department.

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So which one to choose?
Though it’s a very close race, the NV360 has better value overall being about $10 cheaper as well as having many different advantages over the NV352. To check the latest deals for either vacuum, see the links down below.
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Re: Can I change the shape to ImageIcon?

Post by samlrs » Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:51 pm

Now I need to do some change to the chart, Change the shape to some ImageIcon. Can I? and how?
you can't change the size of Icon for JFrame, because properties of Top-Level Container came from Native OS, AFAIK and because

Icon can
a) fill all available area
b) smaller than available area
c) only part of Icon is visible, because is larger than available area
size of Icon is platform sensitive (WinXP == 16 x 16, Win7 depends of current theme 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 )

there are two Custom Look and Feels that implementing own injections to the properties for Top-Level Container came from Native OS, one of them is Substance L&F, 2nd isn't important to mentioned, because touched shadowed area, and required to remove toolbar and returns modified back (dirty hacks)

for JFrame based on JSR296 in Netbeans isn't possible to change Icon for Top-Level Containers, because this Swing Framework to override and protected some important methods, have to override RootPane (please don't do that, required tons of hacks and result will be only Borders (transparent window without contens) without ContentPane, no way back)
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