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Report didn't print on generic text only window printer

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:27 pm
by Salim
Hello All,

Sorry for posting this jfreereport problem in JCommon.But i dont found active forum for jfreereport.

We had used jfreereport 0.8.8 API in our project and it seem working very smoothly.

Now, My point is that

1)I want to print jfree report on "generic text only window printer". But if i do print report, it dint printed on this printer(i.e. page passed as blank in printer).

Note: same report is printed smoothly in other printer(i.e. laser printer).

Below are some code from my XML defination:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<report name="Reprot" pageformat="A4" topmargin="14" leftmargin="16" bottommargin="0" rightmargin="16" orientation="portrait">
<property name="FontName">Times New Roman</property>
<property name="FontSize">8</property>
<property name="FontSizeHeader">9</property>
<property name="FontSizePromtion">8</property>
<property name="FontSizeRunningAmt">7</property>
<property name="PaddingBWOrders">10</property>
<property name="Amt">0</property>
 <property name="outer-header-color">black</property>
    <property name="inner-header-color">Gray</property>
    <property name="header-height">14</property>
    <property name="country-col-start">0</property>
    <property name="country-col-width">200</property>
    <property name="iso-code-col-start">300</property>
    <property name="iso-code-col-width">100</property> 
    <property  name="population-col-start">400</property>
    <property name="population-col-width">150</property>

<pageheader  height="270"   sticky="true" fontname="${FontName}" fontsize="${FontSizeHeader}" >   	
      <string-field x="76%" y="0"   fieldname="doc1" alignment="left" height="9"  	fontsize="${FontSize}"  		  width="32%"  />
   	  <string-field x="76%" y="8"   fieldname="doc2" alignment="left" height="9"  	fontsize="${FontSize}"  		  width="32%"  />
   	  <string-field x="76%" y="16"  fieldname="doc3" alignment="left" height="9"  	fontsize="${FontSize}"  		  width="32%"  />
      <string-field x="76%" y="24"  fieldname="doc4" alignment="left" height="9"  	fontsize="${FontSize}"  		  width="32%"  />    
     <string-field x="3"   y="70" 	fieldname="Doc_Type_Value" 	 alignment="left" 	 	    height="12"  width="295" />      
     <string-field x="300" y="70" 	fieldname="Doc_Series_Value" alignment="left"  		height="12"  width="35" />     
    <string-field x="340" y="70" 	fieldname="Doc_No_Value" 	 alignment="center"  		height="12"  width="60" />    
    <date-field x="405" y="70"  fieldname="Doc_Date_Value" 	alignment="center"  format="dd.MM.yyyy"  		height="12"  width="70" />        
    <string-field  x="378" y="265"  fieldname="Payment" 	     width="200" height="9" 	 nullstring ="" 	/>          
    <string-field  x="378" y="238"  fieldname="RelativeDoc" 	   width="250" height="9" 	 nullstring ="" dynamic="true"	/>   
     <label         visible="true" dynamic="true" height="27" width="6.8%"   	x="0%"   	y="270" > </label>	

Pleae help us to solve such problem.

Thanks in Advance.


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