Upgrade Paths or Release Notes for JFreeChart & JCommon

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Upgrade Paths or Release Notes for JFreeChart & JCommon

Post by gt4431b » Tue May 15, 2007 7:20 pm

Hello anybody,

I work in a big ugly corporate environment where we have large quantities of poorly organized code scattered everywhere. Somewhere in the morass, we are currently using jcommon-0.9.5 and jfreechart-0.9.20.

Well, here's the trouble. We now need functionality that is present in jcommon-1.0.6 and jfreechart-1.0.3. Upgrade time! I'm not intimately familiar with these API, nor even these products, so I'm reduced to scavenging for documentation. Are there release notes anywhere? I can't find them. I need to find out if there is an upgrade path that we will need to follow, to correct for any changes made in the API contract.

Thanks in advance, everybody. I need to find this info ASAP.

- Bill

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