Bars chart and curve, different Y Axis data

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Bars chart and curve, different Y Axis data

Post by wildmanAR » Thu Feb 06, 2020 1:01 am


I'm new to both JFreeChart and this forum. I'm preparing a new API for our application to generate SVG charts based on request data. I don't have problems generating pie, bar and even curves (more than one curve on the same plot, with different colours and even dashed lines for some). However there's one kind of chart I need to generate that's giving me headaches: two bars (same magnitude, different samples) AND a curve whose magnitude is not directly related to the bars (for this particular chart the curve represents the efficiency as a percentage ratio between the two samples represented by the bars, so they are in a way related... but still...)

I'm wondering which JFreeChart "chart", "plot", and "dataset" classes should I use to produce a chart like that. I'm (trying to) attaching an image ( of the desired output chart.


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