chdl not supported with pie chart

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chdl not supported with pie chart

Post by fdesbois » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:11 pm

Firstly, thanks for this Servlet, it's better using it instead of google.

I've got a problem with the legend on pie chart, it's not displayed :|Refus%C3%A9s|Autres&chdl=50%|40%|10%&chd=t:50.0,40.0,10.0&chco=0000FF,FF0000,FFFF10&chf=bg,s,FFFFFF00

With google :|Refus%C3%A9s|Autres&chdl=50%|40%|10%&chd=t:50.0,40.0,10.0&chco=0000FF,FF0000,FFFF10&chf=bg,s,FFFFFF00

I used the last snapshot 1.1.1 compiled with maven.

Do I have to create the bug ticket on sourceforge ?