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Eastwood Charts 1.1.0

Post by david.gilbert » Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:03 pm

A new version of Eastwood (1.1.0) is now available for download. Here is a summary of the changes:

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Eastwood 1.1.0

The second release of Eastwood Charts adds some important new features, 
some matching features from the Google Chart API and others extending it,

- support for the sparkline chart type ('cht=ls');
- support for chart data scaling ('chds');
- new custom chart types supporting a 3D-effect on bar charts - just add a '3' 
      to the corresponding bar chart type ('cht=bvg3/bhg3/bvs3/bhs3');
- new 'ewd2' and 'ewtr' tags to support trendlines on bar charts and scatter
- configurable fonts for the servlet;

The source code has been refactored to allow the chart engine to be reused 
outside of a servlet environment, for example in a client application (see the
org.jfree.eastwood.Application class) or an applet (see 
In addition to the new features in this release, a number of bugs have been 
eliminated, and we've added some JUnit tests. 

The licence for the Eastwood has been changed to the GNU Lesser General Public 
Licence version 2.1 or later, matching the licence used for JFreeChart.  This
will mean (hopefully) we spend less time talking about licence terms, and more 
time coding.

Special thanks to Niklas Therning who has made several important contributions 
to this release.

2003913 - disable plot border;
2002341 - 'chdl' and 'chdlp' support;
2001783 - support for UTF-8 and '%' in labels;
2001586 - Maven pom.xml.

Bug Fixes:
1872190 - pie chart label background paint;
1901369 - 'chdl' not working for bar charts;
1908089 - % not working for axis labels.
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