JFreeDesigner: Does the Report Layout functionality work ?

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JFreeDesigner: Does the Report Layout functionality work ?

Post by bkahley » Tue Jun 22, 2004 7:17 pm


I have begun working with JFreeReportDesigner GUI tool:

- Data Tab -> Connections YES WORKED
Was able to make an Oracle / Solaris connection
[ oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver ]

- Data Tab -> Report Menu -> Edit Report Query YES WORKED

- Data Tab -> Report Menu -> Preview Report
-> null - Print Preview NOT WORKED
[ no data in displayed thing ]

Seem to be unable to get the Report Layout functionality of the JFreeReportDesigner GUI tool to give me a Report layout

- Editor Tab 2 -> Layout Menu -> Test Layout [nothing displayed]

How does one associate the columns of the "Report Query"
[Data Tab -> Report Menu -> Report Query]
with Headers/Labels of the Report Layout ?

I can find no documentation / user guide with the jfreedesigner-20040420.zip that I downloaded.
I went back to the web pages for JFreeDesigner and found no documentation.
If there is, could someone please tell me where ?

Could someone please post an overview of JFreeReportDesigner indicating what functionality is working and what functionality does not work ?

We would very much like to use (will pay for user guide and support) JfreeReport, JFreeChart.
How difficult will it be to do reports layout without JfreeReportDesigner ?

Please help !

Bill Kahley