About JSFreeChart

JSFreeChart is an interactive 2D chart library written in JavaScript. It is conceptually similar to JFreeChart but will run directly in browsers.

We don't have any official release of the library yet, but here is a small preview (drag the mouse for a zoom rectangle, hold the ALT key and drag to pan, hold the META key and drag to define a selection region):

Show crosshairs? Snap to data points?

JSFreeChart is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3.0.

Latest News

1 August 2014

JSFreeChart source code is now hosted at GitHub.

Project Page

The JSFreeChart source code is hosted on the JSFreeChart project page at GitHub.


The JSFreeChart discussion forum is the place to ask questions, request new features, report bugs and make any comments about the JSFreeChart library.



JSFreeChart is self-contained and will run in any browser with good SVG support.