JFreeChart Samples on GNU Classpath

This page contains examples of the charts that can be produced using JFreeChart running on a free runtime (JamVM with GNU Classpath CVS 2006-06-05).

The JFreeChart samples page shows the same charts generated using Sun's reference implementation.

PieChartDemo1-gnu-254.png LineChartDemo1-gnu-254.png PriceVolumeDemo1-gnu-254.png PopulationChartDemo1-gnu-254.png DifferenceChartDemo2-gnu-254.png DualAxisDemo1-gnu-254.png ScatterPlotDemo1-gnu-254.png XYBarChartDemo1-gnu-254.png


The samples on this page require the latest GNU Classpath code from CVS. The next developer snapshot (0.92) is expected in July.