Third Party Products Incorporating JFreeChart

This page lists a small subset of the projects and products that incorporate JFreeChart. If you would like your project listed here, please send an e-mail to david dot gilbert at object dash refinery dot com. Please note that inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement of these products in any way.

Free / Open Source

The following projects that use JFreeChart are distributed under the terms of an OSI-approved licence:

  • Open Door Logistics Studio -" an open source application for logistics modelling, including support for sales territory design, management and reporting." (GNU LGPL).
  • SportsTracker -"an application for people that want to record their sporting activities. It is not bound to a specific kind of sport, the user can create categories for all sport types such as cycling, running or tennis" (GNU GPL).
  • Cewolf - a custom tag library based on JFreeChart (GNU LGPL).
  • StatCvs - a CVS repository statistic tool (GNU GPL).
  • Bahamontes - "an application that analyzes ride data collected by devices such as the Garmin Edge 205 and 305 bicycle computers" (GNU GPL).
  • Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin - developing a statistics plugin for summarising Checkstyle violations (GNU LGPL).
  • Klimb, Rock Climbing Performance Software - "Klimb is the first Rock Climbing Performance Software that analyses climbing, weight training, cardio and provides you with all kinds of reports and statistics on your climbing performance, power, relative strength, endurance by tracking your profile. JFreeChart is being used to display climbing performance and progress." (GPL)
  • JasperReports - an open source embedded operational reporting library that is designed to create page-oriented, ready-to-print documents in a simple and flexible manner. JFreeChart is used for chart generation (GNU LGPL).
  • Open Reports - "a powerful, flexible, and easy to use open source web reporting solution that provides browser based, parameter driven, dynamic report generation and flexible report scheduling capabilities" (GNU GPL).
  • ASDN - Agile Supply Demand Networks is software for analyzing and developing logistics networks (GNU GPL).
  • JPivot - "JPivot is a JSP custom tag library that renders an OLAP table and let users perform typical OLAP navigations like drill down, slice and dice." (Common Public License).
  • Matrex - "a graphical tool to show, organize and calculate big amounts of data. It is the perfect tool for mathematical models and for other statistical, engineering, physical and generally scientific calculations" (GNU GPL).
  • Ice Core Dating Program - "a program designed to create a depth-age scale from ice core glaciochemical records." (GNU GPL).
  • ITracker - an open source J2EE bug tracking system (GNU GPL).
  • ImageApp - "a program that involves a lot of principles from machine vision." (GNU GPL)
  • jMemorize - jMemorize is a Java application that manages your flashcards by the famous Leitner system and makes memorizing facts not only more efficient but also more fun (free software, GNU GPL).
  • Fins - a charting component for Cocoon.
  • LittleWebStats - a web log analyzer (GNU GPL).
  • ZetaGrid - ZetaGrid is an open source and platform independent grid system that uses idle CPU cycles from participating computers. JFreeChart is being used to present statistics on a project (verification of Riemann's Hypothesis) being run out of the IBM Development Laboratory in Böblingen.
  • EchoPoint - "the EchoPoint project provides a rich collection of web components which seamlessly integrate with the Echo Web Application framework." (GNU LGPL).
  • JSky - a collection of re-usable Java components for use in astronomy (open source).
  • The Mars Simulation Project - a simulation of future human settlement of Mars (GNU GPL).
  • XCard - a flashcard application used to help students memorise words faster.
  • - Rodolphe Godreul is using JFreeChart to display tide charts for various harbours around the world.
  • JNASH.COM - the CurveCalc applet, a forward curve calculator, incorporates JFreeChart.
  • Markov Queue Simulation - an applet that simulates an M/M/s queue.
  • STRAP - the workbench for protein alignments and protein structures STRAP uses JFreeChart to compare different similarity scores of Flavin proteins (GPL).
  • Haploview - a popular open source genetic analysis software package (MIT licence).
  • EclipseMetrics - an Eclipse plugin that "calculates various metrics for your code during build cycles and warns you, via the Problems view, of range violations for each metric" (Common Public Licence).
  • Interactive Neural Network Simulator - an interactive neural network simulator written by students at Charles University in Prague (GPL).

Proprietary Products

The following commercial products incorporate JFreeChart:

  • Paralog - a skydiver's logbook application. JFreeChart is used to visualize freefall profiles and statistics.
  • SIMPROCESS - provides ready-made building blocks for constructing dynamic business process models, while the underlying expression language allows experienced programmers to add more complicated business logic. SIMPROCESS is designed for organizations that wish to mitigate the risk associated with implementing dramatic process changes.
  • qStudio - an advanced IDE for Kdb+ provides extensive charting capabilities, syntax highlighted code editing and the ability to browse your server.
  • JIRA Chart Plugin - a chart plug-in for Atlassian's JIRA, an issue tracking and project management tool (the plug-in itself is open source, but JIRA is not).
  • LeanApps - a Dutch software development company, LeanApps, uses JFreeChart in the online demo of their actuarial calculation component. Click on the virtual insurance examples link (in Dutch, German, and English).
  • OpenLogic Enterprise - "includes an extensive library of over 150 open source projects."
  • FAME Data Explorer - "FAME Data Explorer is the only commercially available product that allows you to browse, search and visualise FAME data in an easy to use intuitive interface."
  • Yellowfin - a business intelligence tool incorporating JFreeChart and Cewolf.
  • ioGAS - "the perfect tool for exploratory data analysis and data mining...designed by geoscientists to make complex data analysis intuitive for users across the resource industries".
  • SeeMoreData - "enterprise reporting and business intelligence software with built-in analysis and pivots, charts, cross-platform data integration, scheduler, data-driven batch reporting, dashboards and KPI reporting".
  • FactoryPMI - "a web based HMI/distributed SCADA system for industrial controls".
  • Gene Set Enrichment Analysis - "a computational method that determines whether an a priori defined set of genes shows statistically significant, concordant differences between two biological states (e.g. phenotypes). [The software provides] implementations of the method plus additional resources to analyze, annotate and interpret enrichment results."
  • InfoCaptor - "quick and easy dashboard designer".
  • Geoquip - "use JFreeChart in the GeoLog security management system to present realtime settings of hardware sensor levels and to show historical data in reports using Batik and FOP".
  • - provides buy and sell signals for major indices in the financial markets.
  • SemmleCode - a 100% free Eclipse plugin to help you improve software quality.
  • TrafficObjects - "Fetch data from remote databases and files. Create real-time, streaming charts." (free-to-download, closed source)
  • EMERALT - "EMERALT is a powerful operation control software designed to realize everything from consolidated control functions to complex, shared control systems with high-speed feedback control."
  • iPlus - "iPlus is a generic publishing, workflow control and data management product, engineered to provide an intelligent and easy to use environment, with which to manage data and publish from one source to multiple output formats."
  • Zeptoscope - "Zeptoscope is an interactive plotting application. It is written in pure Java and runs on many platforms, including Windows and MAC OS. Zeptoscope creates plots of multiple signals versus time."
  • License4J - License4J uses JFreeChart to visualise floating license usage statistics.