About JFreeSVG

JFreeSVG is a fast, light-weight, vector graphics library for the Java(tm) platform that makes it easy to generate graphical output in SVG format directly from Java code (via SVGGraphics2D). It has been developed for use with JFreeChart and Orson Charts - see, for example, the enhanced SVG export feature that we developed for a client that uses Orson Charts. You can also use it with your own projects that use Java2D to generate content.

How fast? See our comparison against Apache Batik. How light-weight? The jar file is less than 50Kb. How can you get it? You can download it right now for free!

JFreeSVG is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) version 3 or later. For those that do not wish to be bound by the terms of the GPL, an alternative licence is available to sponsors of JFree (at certain tiers).

Latest News

7 November 2021

JFreeSVG 5.0.2 is released!

12 June 2021

JFreeSVG 5.0 is released! This major release focuses on efficiency (processing speed and output size).

10 January 2021

JFreeSVG 4.2 is released! Includes bug fixes and significant performance improvements.

26 March 2020

JFreeSVG 4.1 is released! Fixes a bug with image encoding.

27 February 2020

JFreeSVG 4.0 is released! In this release, JFreeSVG is fully modular and requires JDK 11 or later.

10 February 2019

JFreeSVG 3.4 is released! The release adds an automatic module name and fixes several bugs.


API documentation is available to download. It can also be viewed online. Note that our Javadocs allow you to click all the way through to the source code!


The JFreeSVG discussion forum is the place to ask questions, request new features, report bugs and make any comments about the JFreeSVG library.

Repository at GitHub

The JFreeSVG repo is hosted at GitHub: https://github.com/jfree/jfreesvg



JFreeSVG requires JDK/JRE 11 or later. There are NO other dependencies. If you need to run on an earlier JDK, you should use an earlier version of JFreeSVG (3.4.3 is recommended).