JFreeChart 1.0.5

JFreeChart is a free chart library for Java that can generate a wide variety of charts for use in applications, applets and servlets.

All Packages

org.jfree.chartCore classes, including JFreeChart and ChartPanel.
org.jfree.chart.annotationsA framework for addings annotations to charts.
org.jfree.chart.axisAxis classes and interfaces.
org.jfree.chart.blockBlocks and layout classes used extensively by the LegendTitle class.
org.jfree.chart.demoSome basic demos to get you started.
org.jfree.chart.editorProvides a simple (but so far incomplete) framework for editing chart properties.
org.jfree.chart.encodersClasses related to the encoding of charts to different image formats.
org.jfree.chart.entityClasses representing components of (or entities in) a chart.
org.jfree.chart.eventEvent classes and listener interfaces, used to provide a change notification mechanism so that charts are automatically redrawn whenever changes are made to any chart component.
org.jfree.chart.imagemapClasses, including ImageMapUtilities, for creating HTML image maps.
org.jfree.chart.labelsGenerators and other classes used for the display of item labels and tooltips.
org.jfree.chart.needleA range of objects that can be used to represent the needle on a CompassPlot.
org.jfree.chart.plotPlot classes and related interfaces.
org.jfree.chart.rendererCore support for the plug-in renderers used by the CategoryPlot and XYPlot classes.
org.jfree.chart.renderer.categoryPlug-in renderers for the CategoryPlot class.
org.jfree.chart.renderer.xyPlug-in renderers for the XYPlot class.
org.jfree.chart.resourcesLocalised resources for the JFreeChart class library.
org.jfree.chart.servletClasses for providing useful servlet and JSP functionality.
org.jfree.chart.titleClasses used to display chart titles and subtitles.
org.jfree.chart.urlsClasses for adding URLS to charts for HTML image map generation.
org.jfree.chart.utilUtility classes used by JFreeChart.
org.jfree.dataThe base package for classes that represent various types of data.
org.jfree.data.categoryA package containing the CategoryDataset interface and related classes.
org.jfree.data.contourDatasets used by the ContourPlot class.
org.jfree.data.functionRepresentation for simple functions.
org.jfree.data.ganttData interfaces and classes for Gantt charts.
org.jfree.data.generalData interfaces and classes.
org.jfree.data.ioMiscellaneous support for input/output of data.
org.jfree.data.jdbcDataset classes that fetch data from a database via JDBC.
org.jfree.data.resourcesResource bundles for items that require localisation.
org.jfree.data.statisticsClasses for representing statistical data.
org.jfree.data.timeInterfaces and classes for time-related data.
org.jfree.data.time.ohlcClasses for representing financial data in open-high-low-close form.
org.jfree.data.xmlSupport for reading datasets from XML files.
org.jfree.data.xyA package containing the XYDataset interface and related classes.
JFreeChart is a free chart library for Java that can generate a wide variety of charts for use in applications, applets and servlets.

Please visit http://www.jfree.org/jfreechart/index.html for the latest information about JFreeChart.